A puzzle game to rescue a prince!


Not match 3. Not farm sim. Join us as we bring unblock puzzles with character-driven magical adventures - to mobile! PrinceNapped is free to play and currently available for iOS devices, Facebook canvas, and Facebook Gameroom in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, India, The Philippines, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and Thailand. Grab it on the App Store today!


  • Free-to-play, strategic, unblock puzzle gameplay!
  • Special Pieces - Watch out for those bombons!
  • Tons of innovative levels!
  • Collectable amulets to aid in your adventure!
  • Join Clara, our heroine, whose special abilities aid you in rescuing Prince Edwin!


Magical puzzle gameplay!


Awesome people who made PrinceNapped

Game & Systems Design

  • Molly Proffitt - Lead Game Designer
  • Leah Knighton - Narrative Designer
  • Molly Proffitt - Level Designer

Art Direction & Production

  • Annick Huber - Art Director
  • Leah Knighton - Lead Character Artist & Animator
  • Madeline Metz - Stickers Artist (Intern)


  • Justin Sheets - Lead Gameplay Programmer
  • Justin Sheets - Client & Server Engineer
  • Jason Smith - Gampelay Programmer
  • Scott Adams - Gampelay Programmer (Prototype)
  • Make Fuse - AWS Consulting
  • Molly Proffitt - Data Scientist (Gameplay Analytics)


  • Jessica Gore - Sound Designer & Audio Engineer
  • Jessica Gore- Composer
  • Atlanta Game Audio - SFX & Music Partner

Advisory Board & Legal Counsel

  • Adam Green - Advisor
  • Adam Kunz - Advisor
  • Brandon J. Huffman - Odin Law

Special Thanks

Chris Dodson, Cat Wendt, Blane A Humphries (PR), Meghan Sawyer (Testing), 22 Tech Park, Roman Grimaldi, Mark Metz, Monica Metz, Bernie Dixon, Jess Weiner, Mary L, Kurek, Andrew Greenberg, Abby Joslin, Jeff Irwin, Jared Sheets, Brooklyn Sheets, Ron Jones, The Indie Cluster, Ron Williams II, Amazon Activate, and last but not least, in memory of Tony Tseng.