This Site is Archival

Ker-Chunk Games LLC is no longer in business. This site is a record of the developers, our games and apps, what they were before they sunset.


Call Me Phrasy!


Rainbow Tree Stickers


Ker-Chunk Games would also like to thank and credit its partners IGUANAMOUTH ART & DESIGN which provided gorgeous dragon art for 21 Potions and Drowning Monkeys Games Ltd which launched 21 Potions in 2021 for iOS in select countries.

Art inspires us to be what we want to see in the world – to showcase its diversity, beauty, & promise. It is our mission to empower women players through games, apps, & interactive experiences that ignite imagination through the magic of play.

We are changing WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A GAMER.

In 2014, we accepted a mission to create inclusive play realizing that many women mobile players  do not self-identify as gamers.   We were a bootstrapped, 6-year-run, women-led business designing, building, and publishing mobile games in Georgia. Molly Proffitt Sheets, CEO, brought over a decade of experience in film & games development to the company’s development practices and leadership.  We are inspired by our players to build better.

We're Sad to Say Goodbye!

Between 2014-2020, Ker-Chunk Games built and developed chart-topping iOS games and apps for partners and players as well as delighted customers with web and cloud experiences and collateral. We couldn't have been prouder of what we built, but alas, sometimes good things must come to a close. In 2023 Ker-Chunk Games LLC will officially dissolve. Thank you so much for championining us on our journey! We loved being in business for 6 years and sunset the games during COVID - we regret nothing but in 2020 we moved on to other ideas and passions and slowly began winding down! Thank you first and foremost to our players followed closely by our friends, family, supporters, customers, and anyone who ever contributed a single line of code, art, testing, QA time, marketing, social media, writing, reviewing, playing or ideas to PrinceNapped, Nimblitz, Rainbow Tree Stickers, Call Me Phrasy!, 21 Potions, and Puppet Minis. We couldn't have done it without you.

Molly Sheets, CEO

Ker-Chunk Games was an Atlanta-based company that created cross-platform gaming experiences targeting women as players. Ker-Chunk Games also advocates for women developers, change in the games industry, and fostering STEM careers.

We believed mobile games have a responsibility of creating experiences tailored to their driving audience, women by putting them in powerful roles and making content they enjoy.