Starring Clara, a brave bounty huntress, PrinceNapped takes the traditional “damsel in distress” narrative and flips the tables by having players rescue Prince Edwin. Get ready to solve puzzles, complete a variety of objectives, and collect magical amulets in your quest to guide Prince Edwin to his escape portal.

PinceNapped is longer publicly available. Game sunset June 17, 2020.




Ker-Chunk Games, LLC


November 30th, 2017 (US/UK), iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  • Solve 75 hand-crafted puzzles with unique objectives
  • Manipulate more than 750 pieces to solve puzzles
  • Immerse yourself in a beautiful fantasy puzzle world
  • Enhance your puzzle solving abilities with special powers
  • Collect amulets to aid your adventure
  • Compete with your friends for a spot on the leaderboards


PrincedNapped takes place in a stylized fantasy world filled with detailed environments and vibrant colors. Featuring 75 hand-crafted levels at launch, players will manipulate more than 750 pieces to help navigate the trapped Prince Edwin to freedom. Each puzzle has a unique objective, whether you have a limited number of actions or getting Edwin to the portal before time runs out, you will need a sharp mind to succeed.


Development & Publishing
Ker-Chunk Games, LLC

Game & Systems Design
Molly Proffitt – Lead Game & Level Designer
Leah Knighton – Narrative Designer

Art Direction & Production 
Annick Huber – Art Director
Leah Knighton – Lead Character Artist & Animator
Molly Proffitt – UI/UX Design
Madeline Metz – Stickers Artist

Justin Sheets – Lead Gameplay Programmer
Justin Sheets – Client & Server Engineer
Jason Smith – Gameplay Programmer
Scott Adams – Gameplay Programmer (Prototype)
Make Fuse – AWS Consulting
Molly Proffitt – Data Scientist (Gameplay Analytics)

Jessica Gore – Sound Designer & Audio Engineer
Jessica Gore – Composer
Atlanta Game Audio – SFX & Music Partner

Prototype Development Partner
Aethercast Studios

Advisory Board & Legal Counsel
Adam Green – Advisor
Adam Kunz – Advisor
Brandon J. Huffman – Odin Law & Media

Special Thanks to Our Playtesters & Supporters
Chris Dodson, Cat Wendt, Blane A Humphries (PR), Meghan Sawyer (Testing), 22 Tech Park, Roman Grimaldi, Mark Metz, Monica Metz, Bernie Dixon, Jess Weiner, Mary L, Kurek, Andrew Greenberg, Abby Joslin, Jeff Irwin, Jared Sheets, Brooklyn Sheets, Ron Jones, The Indie Cluster, Ron Williams II, Amazon Activate, and last but not least, in memory of Tony Tseng.