Solve clues with your special someone to spice up a romantic evening or show your friends how brainy you are in a game that is literally a play on words. Co-developed with Drowning Monkeys, Inc, Call Me Phrasy! was inspired by close friends who share the highest form of humor together: PUNS!

Call Me Phrasy! is longer publicly available.

Game sunset 2022.


Word, Puzzle


Ker-Chunk Games & Drowning Monkeys, Inc.


May 9th, 2019 (US/UK)

  • Solve 550 puns with over 1,650 clues
  • Complete 11 categories with 55 sub-categories including topics like Viral Videos, Dogs, Cats, Foodies, & Classic Memes
  • Cheat with your friends IN THE REAL WORLD!
  • Enhance your pun puzzle solving abilities with special helpers like 1st Word Free, Show Vowels, and Keep Your Multiplier
  • Collect trophies to prove you are that awesome
  • Try to score high in every category & don’t fork it up!


Turn your shame to mastery, by finishing over 50 sub-categories. What would YouTube’s theme park have as a ride? A Rick roller coaster. Name a presidential clown. Ronald McDonald Trump. Take your cultural knowledge of classic memes and adult beverages and apply it to #winning, with Dogeball and Tequila Mockingbird.  Earn trophies as you play so you can be the biggest, baddest, pun-master in town. It’s time to prove that Yoda best pun maker and dim sum!


Original Concept
Josh & Juli Chudnovsky

Game & Systems Design
Josh Chudnovsky – Lead Game Designer
Molly Proffitt – Lead UI/UX & Systems Designer
Leah Knighton – Game Content Producer

Art Direction & Production 
Leah Knighton – Technical Artist
Molly Proffitt – Brand Design & UI Artist
Jessica Gore – Trailer Sweetening (Audio)

Josh Chudnovsky – Lead Gameplay & UI Programmer
Damir Halilovic – Gameplay Programer
Damir Halilovic – Server-Client Engineer

Development & Publishing
Ker-Chunk Games, LLC
Drowning Monkeys, Inc.

Writers: With Jokes By
Leah Knighton
Josh Chudnovsky
Juli Chudnovsky
Kyle Ayers
Leah Knauer
Sharon Schreiber
Molly Proffitt

Advisory Board & Legal Counsel
Adam Green – Advisor
Adam Kunz – Advisor
Brandon J. Huffman – Odin Law & Media

Special Thanks to Our Playtesters & Supporters
22 Tech Park, Justin Sheets, SIEGE, Justin Pittman, Cam Knighton, Jared Irwin, Jeff Irwin, Alex Irwin, Kaitlyn Anderson, Madeline Metz, Blane Humphries, Atlanta Tech Park, Rukia Brooks